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We offer a variety of seasonal workshops hosted at the shop. All workshops are offered at our downtown location and take 1-3 hours, depending on the project at hand. To register for a workshop please click on the link below the workshop, and select your date and number of participants. You can also register by calling the shop, or coming to our location in person.

If you would like to book a personal workshop, please call the shop, let us know what you have in mind, and we can create something that works for you. All private workshops require a minimum of 10 people. We need 2 weeks to a months notice in advance to book a private workshop.


spring workshops


Mother’s Day Succulent planter

Monday May 6th, 7:00

$64.99 per person + tax

Come join us for an evening of Motherly celebration and planting! You will learn all about how to properly plant and care for succulents.

Included: large terracotta bowl, small terracotta pot, 4 succulent plants, string of pearls, moss, soil, and decorative rocks

this planter is suitable for both indoors and outdoors


plant night fundraisers

If you are looking to raise money for a cause, look no further! Come join us for an informative night of planting and fundraising while Jess + Kerry guide you through the ins and outs of succulent terrariums.

Our Plant Night Fundraisers require a minimum of 10 people, and go up to 30 (sold in blocks of 10 participants). If you have a location in mind other than our shop, we are more then happy to come to you!

The cost of a Plant Night Fundraiser is $60 per person, and $15 of this goes towards your cause.

Included: glass globe terrarium, 3 succulents, soil, rocks, decorative sands and mosses, as well as an instructional booklet on planting and maintaining your terrarium.

If you are looking for a specific date or # of attendees, please feel free to contact us and we will set something up!


Succulent Plant Night

Our succulent plant nights have been a big hit in the past, and create a great opportunity for you to come in and learn about these little plants and how to care for them. We offer a variety of succulent plant nights at different price points ranging from $50-$100 per person.


Tropical Terrarium Plant night

These low light, low water terrariums are great for all season. Each person gets to learn how to care for a semi-self contained eco-system, while getting to take home a work of art! $60 per person.


Floral Crown 

Our floral crown workshops are a hoot! They are a great idea for a girls night out, or to plan for before your bachelorette party so you can hit the town in style. We offer customized colour palettes to suit your needs. $50-$75 per person.



Our seasonal workshops have been a hit, especially those for fall and winter. We offer seasonal plant night, floral centrepiece workshops, live and permanent botanical wreath workshops, and outdoor planter workshops for the winter. Keep checking our workshops page to find out when and what we will be hosting for our seasonal workshops!