We offer a variety of seasonal workshops hosted at the shop. All workshops start at 6:30 pm and take 1-3 hours, depending on the project at hand. To register for a workshop please call the shop and leave your name and phone number, or send an email. We do require deposits to hold a spot for a workshop, this amount varies depending on the project.

If you would like to book a personal workshop, please call the shop, let us know what you have in mind, and we can create something that works for you. All private workshops require a minimum of 10 people. We need 3 weeks to a months notice in advance to book a private workshop.


Winter workshops

Outdoor planter

When: Wed Nov 28, 6:30 pm

Cost: $150 per person (taxes included)

Includes: Planter insert, floral foam, winter greenery (pine, cedar, fir), pampas grass, sticks, lotus pods, Christmas balls, and large sugar cones

Come decorate the perfect natural winter decor to put outside your door. These live outdoor planters are not only beautiful, but are low maintenance.

This class comes with a black planter insert that you can either use as a planter, or put inside your planter when you get home.


live winter wreath

When: Wed Dec 5, 6:30 pm

Cost: $100 per person (taxes included)

Includes: 16” wire wreath form, live winter greenery, eucalyptus, magnolia, pampas grass, and pine cones

Come create your own live outdoor/indoor winter wreath from scratch! You will learn the art of binding greenery (and getting your hands sappy and dirty) to create a beautiful winter greenery wreath.


Whoville Grinch tree

When: Wed Dec 12

Cost: $50 per person (taxes included)

Includes: 6” red & white ceramic reindeer pot, winter greens to create your Grinch tree, and decorations

Come experience the Whoville joy of Christmas and create your very own Grinch Tree! All snips and supplies needed will be supplied at the workshop


Winter table centerpiece

When: Wed Dec 19

Cost: $85 per person (taxes in)

Includes: 14”x7”x4” willow basket, hurricane glass vase for candle, pillar candle (ivory or white), winter greens, dried oranges, magnolia leaves, pinecones, decorative balls

Come learn the basics of floral design as we help you create a wintery table centerpiece to help your Christmas tablescape!


Succulent Plant Night

Our succulent plant nights have been a big hit in the past, and create a great opportunity for you to come in and learn about these little plants and how to care for them. We offer a variety of succulent plant nights at different price points ranging from $50-$100 per person.


Tropical Terrarium Plant night

These low light, low water terrariums are great for all season. Each person gets to learn how to care for a semi-self contained eco-system, while getting to take home a work of art! $60 per person.


Floral Crown 

Our floral crown workshops are a hoot! They are a great idea for a girls night out, or to plan for before your bachelorette party so you can hit the town in style. We offer customized colour palettes to suit your needs. $50-$75 per person.



Our seasonal workshops have been a hit, especially those for fall and winter. We offer seasonal plant night, floral centrepiece workshops, live and permanent botanical wreath workshops, and outdoor planter workshops for the winter. Keep checking our workshops page to find out when and what we will be hosting for our seasonal workshops!