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6" Snake Plant

6" Snake Plant

from 29.99

Our 6” Snake Plants are a wild hit! The colour of the plant will depend on seasonality and availability.

All deliveries are within Swift Current city limits, if you are looking for an out of town delivery, please call the shop and one of our staff will be more than happy to help you out!

Add a 6” drop-in pot to any Snake Plant.

All deliveries placed after 2 pm cannot be guaranteed same day delivery and may go out the next day depending on availability of staff. Deliveries are offered Mon through Sat, 10-5.

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Snake plants are also known as Mother-In-Laws tongue, so watch what you say around them! Never over-water your new snake plant, when in doubt, air on the dry side. Give them a douse of water whenever the top 2” of soil gets dry, or put them on a 2 week schedule. Snake plants thrive in either sun or shade, so find the perfect spot your new friend can call home!

 *please note that due to seasonality and availability, we cannot guarantee any specific species of succulent. Our staff will do their best to fill your order as close as possible to the original recipe. If you are looking for something very specific, please feel free to call our shop and one of our staff would be happy to help you.